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  • Medi Spa

    Medi Spa

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    We offer a wide range of treatments ranging from traditional core therapies such as Swedish to Aromatherapy massage to healing such as Indian Head Massages, Reflexology and Reiki to less known but incredibly effective therapy treatments such as Watsu, A form of Zen Shiatsu. When the body is immersed into the Water it comes under the influence of two opposing forces gravity and buoyancy. Water Treatments are beneficial for Anxiety and Stress conditions because they are extremely relaxing. Why is is still new to people in the UK, mainly availability, and accessibility to Warm Pools that are private. In fact, we are one of only a few Watsu centres in the country. Developed by Harold Dull in the 1980s, Watsu is a truly magnificent water massage treatment, the water takes the weight off the vertebrae and relaxes the muscles so the practitioner can move the spine in ways that would be impossible on land.
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    Therapeutic Massage with Fiona Jeffrey

    Therapeutic Massage with Fiona Jeffrey

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    Ease tightness of body and mind. Putting you back in touch with how it feels to be relaxed, an to experience the pleasure of a body that can breathe and move freely.