Quick guide

Create your listing in 3 easy steps

  1. Select your package
  2. Create your listing
  3. Pay by PayPal/Credit/Debit Card

1.  Select your package

Choose a package that works best for you:

Basic listing – FREE

Business Standard Package:  £5 / 3 months

Business Plus Package:  £9 / 6 months

Business Premium Package:  £15 / 12 months

30 Day Trial – FREE: 30 days

Not-for-Profit/Community – FREE: 6 months

The icons for each Package are displayed on your individual listing page.

A full description of each package can be found on our Which package? page.

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2.  Create your listing

Choose a Listing Package from our Get mapped! page.

Click on Select Plan and complete your listing details.

Quick guide:

1.  Search Description

Your Business/ Community name: 

The main title of your listing that appears in listing searches.

Select Categories:

The number of categories available to you depends upon your listing package – see Which Package? for further details.

Include your Postcode category.   

Ask us to add a new category if you don’t see yours listed.

Short Description:

Introduce your business or community.  This is what the visitor reads about you first following a search.

2.  Main Description

Full Description:

Insert your complete listing content here. Use the built-in text editing features, or just keep it simple.


Type keywords separated by a comma (,) that will get you found in a customer search.

3.  Additional Details

Contact Email:

This is the email address used when customers click on the ‘Contact owner’ button in your listing. 

We do not share your contact details with other parties.

Full Website Address:

Type the full URL for your business/community website.  Remember to include ‘http://’.

Don’t have a website?  No problem, make full use of the features available in your listing package.  This is your page, include as much text, images, logos as you need.

4.  Display Map

Your postcode:

Google Maps will display your location in your listing entry.

5.  Upload attachments

Upload Attachments:

Click on Select File to upload JPG, PNG, GIF or PDF formats from your computer.  Text files must be converted to PDF format first. The number of file uploads available to you depends upon your choice of listing package.

Attachments are displayed in a separate PHOTOS tab in your listing.

This feature is in addition to small images/logos that you may wish to insert into the Full Description area of your listing.

6.  Terms and Conditions

Tick box:

Read and agree to our Terms and Conditions before submitting your listing.

Click on Continue and review your listing details.  Once published, you can login at any time to amend your listing details.

Click on Continue again and Pay Now

You will now be directed to the PayPal website where you have the option of paying by credit/debit card, or your PayPal account.

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3.  Pay by PayPal



PayPal offers you complete security when you pay for goods and services online.

We do not hold any customer financial data on our website, you will automatically be transferred to the PayPal website during your Package purchase and all payment transactions are done by PayPal.

Payment can be made using:

1.  Your existing PayPal account.

2. Your Credit/Debit card.

On successful completion of your payment PayPal will send you a confirmation email and your listing will be added to Sheffield Mapped.

It’s as easy as that!

Please email us if you need any assistance with setting up a listing – we are here to help!

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