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Pink Elephant Training

Full Description

Need more sales?  Better response to your marketing?  Retain more customers?

From interactive workshops (without the embarrassing role play) to individual mentoring. From fast track seminars to our professional academy programme.

With over 24 years experience in delivering success, we are proud of our ability to ensure both course content and delivery style are crafted to the specific needs of all participants. In fact, when delegates ask us ‘who teaches you?’ our reply is always the same, ‘you do’.

David Watkins - Pink Elephant TrainingWho we are

Pink Elephant is more than just another training provider. It is totally dedicated to maximising the potential of a Business’ most valuable resource – its people. Based in Sheffield the Company has earned a quality reputation, over the past 21 years, for its practical, sleeves rolled up approach to business skill development. We are proud to work on behalf of many of the UK’s business support agencies as well as a host of corporate clients – large and small.

What we offer

A Portfolio of single/ multi day interactive seminars – practical workshops that combine proven techniques and new ideas. Half-day workshops, in-house consultancy and topical master classes are also available. Using direct training methods, we pride ourselves on delivering practical knowledge and key skills that candidates can take back to the workplace and apply immediately. Our key skills are in sales and marketing, customer care, hospitality and reception skills, business strategic planning, business start up and personal development. There are now over 21 full day workshops on offer and around 12 half day and bite size seminars – each one carefully designed to ensure a high quality impact on business performance- in addition to a continuing series of formal topical presentations including our latest – IT scams, hoaxes and downright fraud’]

Why choose us

We’ve been around now since 1986 – initially producing programmes for the original Manpower Services Commission – and have developed a strong track record of constantly delivering workshops and seminars that produce results. Pink Elephant seminars and presentations are well liked by both attendees and training providers. Those attending like them because they are all based on 35 years practical experience (no academic text book material and no embarrassing role playing) while training providers like them because they are totally hassle free (all materials and equipment are supplied). In addition, all the courses are accredited and certified with 55+page printed resource manuals supporting each workshop.

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