Parks & Countryside

How many?

How many parks, gardens and green spaces do you think Sheffield City Council looks after?  About 30?  Perhaps nearly 50?  No, keep going …

It’s no wonder that Sheffield is known as the greenest city in England when we learn that we have 95 magnificent green spaces to enjoy, stretching from south of Dore right up to just south of Barnsley.

Getting involved

Sheffield City Council Parks and Countryside Ranger Service work round the clock, all year round, to manage these beautiful spaces, and there are many ways of becoming involved to assist them with that task.

The Ranger Service works directly with local Friends Groups throughout the city (see the long list of Friends Groups websites) who work hard to promote and maintain green spaces in their area, in collaboration with the Ranger Service.


Visit the All About Us page where you can read about the Ranger Service, and download a map of Key Parks and Green Spaces to find out what is in your area.  

See the Sheffield City Council Parks and Countryside pages to learn much more.