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Our service is professional and friendly. We are here to help you, not to lecture you or impose our ideas on how you should run your business. We understand that business is tough at the moment, particularly as it is hard to get banks to help when you need funding for expansion or just day to day operating costs. We have seen many good and well run businesses brought to their knees for the lack of often quite modest funding not being available and it is our mission to help these sort of businesses recover and prosper.

There are many businesses offering what seem to be similar services to the Clarior package, but in truth most of these are not much more than feeding arms to Insolvency Practitioners, and very few can offer the range of services and professional help that we pride ourselves on. Approaching an Insolvency Practitioner is fraught with potential danger for the directors, and at Clarior we use all of our experience and contacts to protect you as individuals from these very real dangers.

We deal all the time with the sort of issues that most directors hardly ever come across, and we can very often see a way out of what seems a hopeless situation. We understand just how stressful it can be when things go wrong and a big part of what we do is to remove that stress and show you a way out.


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