Action for Stannington

Action for Stannington

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Action for StanningtonACTION for STANNINGTON is a public awareness campaign inviting people to take positive action about issues such as littering and thoughtful use of resources.

The key to improving the local environment and the success of most voluntary groups lies in raising awareness and encouraging residents to look after their community.

We organise group events to contain the problem e.g. “Spring Clean” whilst on the other hand we strive to find long term solutions e.g. co-operation with schools and promotion of recycling.

We can all help protect and preserve our local area through careful behaviour and voluntary activities.

Please visit our website to find out more about:

  • How we promote recycling¬† – see our our Recycling page for comprehensive information on how to recycle or dispose of a wide range of household items
  • Good Dog Scheme – encouraging responsible dog ownership
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Links promoting ethical living, shopping, environment, local groups and news
  • Newsletter with details of forthcoming events, health walks, volunteering and much more
  • Fundraising – raise money for your local community, 100% of funds are allocated to Stannington community projects.

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